Would You Rather?


Hair dye fades, but the depravity you will witness at a pride parade will stay with you all your life.


I mean, I wouldnt call a pride parade depravity, just not my type of thing…as for the hair dye, it doesnt matter if it fades, it will ruin whatever reputation I have built for myself with whoever I know lol


I dunno. There’s usually a group of leather fetishists who go around with their genitals hanging out and proceed to have public sex because equality and stuff.

Wouldn’t catch me dead at one of those things.

But I agree actually, pink hair would make you a laughing stock for months and then even years later people would still have photos to haunt you with. Hair dye should require a license so it’s not done irresponsibly.


Lmao when a would you rather thread becomes a discussion about Gay pride parades and the sexuality of dankmementos.

Would you rather be homeless or never be able to walk or run again?


Youve never atended it seems…
This thread is becoming something. @Misfit, well done mate


No, I have not attended a gay pride parade, unlike you Gorgon


Yes i did. Also went to a lot of gay bars/clubs.
Ive a long history of nighlife and i can tell you that these guys are by far the ones knowing how to party the best.
I also attended the parade in Turkey just to pick fights with “counter parading” bearded retards


Thats why they all got AIDS in the 80’s


The type of guys that say “Our religion that you dont have to follow states you are wrong so you must abide by our rules”

Stupid people. Stupid people everywhere


Im not talking avout “that” kind of party. Just regular party. Its a lot of fun.
Plus gay bars are a perfect chick hunting ground.
When chicks are bored of being “approached” continuously by drunk meat in regular clubs, they go to gay clubs to party in peace. Hunting becomes heavenly for the few straight guys in the the premises…


The fact that you said drunk meat instead of men made my night. Thank you for the laughs


Anytime mate. My personal favorite: impregnated meat


Like a facehugger?

Unless these few guys are also drunk “meat” then they just look extra strange


Nope, and thats the reason why its a heavenly hunting ground:
Anti drunk meat defense systems are down
Also you never get denied entry at the door of a gay club.

Feeling that you young lads need some mentoring here.

Would you rather receive advices on how to build a machine in a flash game.
Or real life advices to facilitate intercourses?


“Shields are down, ready for entry”


Obioushly My war Mechsh. Supermechsh is life.



Would you rather have to participate in a charizarding activity or the soggy biscuit activity?


Depends on who I’m playing with.


would you rather
never get epics or never upgrade to myth
this is an easy one


Why give an easy one