Would You Rather?


Physical counters- so I could finally beat @lordgorgon lordgorgon!!!

3 Lord Gorgon builds, since he is currently in the top 10, and seems like he is there to stay. He also has claws, and mny platinums, which can help me if I want to build a different type of mech to experiment.

Magma blasts… heat all the way!

50,000 gold is tempting for fusion, but the tokens I have to go with.


only if Marija’s male relatives hear about it and fetch the shotgun.



I would rather a claw.

Would you rather get less items fusion items but fusion costs less gold or get more fusion items but it costs more gold?


LastofWilds has pink camouflage and is not a girl …

Don´t be old! You have to be fashionable! The pink color suits men very well too!

Colors are a silly prejudice that we were taught as babies … “the girls in pink and the boys in blue”…


the story of how pink became a girls colour is actually quite funny (to a history nerd):

at first pink was a boy’s colour and blue was a girl’s colour. this is because red was seen as masculine due to its connotations of danger and action and so pink, which was seen as a lighter, softer red, was then used as a colour for infant boys (softer versions of men).

however, in the late 19th century and early 20th century when the first wave feminist movement was gaining a lot of traction women would start to wear red, which was seen as very unwomanly at the time. they would then similarly put blue on their baby boys and pink on their baby girls to show that they were tearing down gender norms.

however, by around the 1940’s the popularity had switched and pink was more popular on girls and blue on boys. then as mass marketing grew rapidly in this era especially in the golden age of consumerism marketers everywhere populated the idea of pink as a girls colour for use on girl’s things as a marker of it being for girls as that was more popular/profitable.

so, ironically, what was at first used as a protest against gender norms has become the gender norm. now when you want to make a protest against gender norms you put pink on a boy. history comes in patterns as they say.


This topic has gone into a rather informative direction but I dont mind


Jesus christ,i just a made a mess.


same mate
same answers as mine


Wait a minute… the D is my profile picture!! Change it as once! The lazy profile picture is my thing


So what you’re saying is…

You love the D?

You love the D, You identify deeply with the D and you’ll be damned if you let anyone else have a turn on the D?

Well, hello sailor.


This might be a little dirty for the forums. I dont want another ban :sweat:


@dankmementos is indeed very attached to the D.
He is also desiring an exlusive useage of the D, for unknown reasons


This has already become the gayest thread on the forum you might aswell go balls deep if you’ll excuse the pun.


Would you rather have to drop the F bomb as loud as you could every 10 seconds or have to jump up and extend your limbs in all directions every 10 seconds
@lordgorgon @Misfit Im interested on your answer for this.



I just realised. Not only is dank’s prifile the D, it’s also pink. It’s a D with a pink backdrop.

Yass queen slay @dankmementos


Speaking of profile pics, what the hell is yours?


F bomb every 10 second because then I could either say I have Tourette’s or appeal to the fact I’m half Irish and people would get it.

Murdoch from murdoch murdoch. Heroically slaying the enemies of his people. Just some casual shit.

New one for funsies:

Would you rather accompany dank to a pride parade or go with him to get your eyebrows “en flique” and your hair bleached and dyed pink. Full participation is mandatory in both scenarios. And I mean full participation.


So either one has some homosexual intercourse going on…uh…Maybe the parade because I dont want pink hair