Would You Rather?


There is no pink on the floor lol.


i meant by it, that a girly man disguise as a manly girl…lol



Nah,i rather max my myths and turn into black.
Just a tip:Black might be a girl lol.


like the black widow…jeez…

btw…i woudnt mind if she wougd get rough on me…:rofl:


would you rather
only get epics from silvr boxes or only get legendaryes from premiums?


Only legendaries from premiums. One more big spend and I’d be set.

Getting only epics would be nice, but the silvers give good enough fusion already so it’s not really necessary.

However, getting the legendary you want from a pack is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Now mine:

Would you rather have a saucy fling with wepwawet or Marija?


only him :stuck_out_tongue: ok I quit

  1. Would you rather :
    Have only Heat Counters for the rest of your life or Physical Counters for the rest of your life?

  2. Would you rather :
    Have 3 Builds like Lord Gorgon’s or 3 Builds like 0_0’s?

  3. Would you rather :
    Constantly get only Bunker Shells or Magma Blasts?

  4. Everytime you win in Arena, would you rather :
    Get 50,000 Gold Everytime or 10 Tokens Everytime?


everything !!! ok no bye!


1:phys counters. im a boiler
2:i dont know any of those builds
3:magma blasts all the way
4:10 tokens


Lord Gorgon’s builds are 1 type of Physicals.

1 for Heats / Rounded
1 for Energies
1 For Physicals

While 0_0 literally just has Devilish Energy builds, has 2-3 Bunkershell, 1 Viking Hammer, 1 Brightroar and 1-2 Valiants.


i dont want to be asosiated with full energy builds


@lordgorgon you now have a new fan, teach him.


so ok let do it :wink: lol


Sparsh, that’s no funny.


body seems unclear


Absolutely, full physical.
But it goes like this:
1: rounded oriented: excellent vs elec, good vs heat, ok vs phys.
2: rounded oriented: excellent vs phys, good vs elec, ok vs heat.
3: 2 types specialized: excellent vs heat, excellent vs phys, non existing vs elec.
@David_Jojua i too hate blue mechs, “lemme incapacitate you and play around”. Im more the “lemme obliterate you with brute force” typ




Not nearly… constant has many definitions, none as specific.

In the case that Yeet used it, it is to be interpreted as constantly, so all the time.

Meaning that every single battle you do, it will consistently be against someone stronger than you.


Answering this can only end badly lol