Would You Rather?


welcome to german chat
aka roleplaying hell


Would you rather necro this thread or be a 12 year old who acts like they’re still in KINDERGARTEN

What is your most successful topic in your opinion?

necro this thread
also were you refering to me with “12 year old who acts like they’re still in kindergarten”?
i’ll have you know i wasn’t in kindergarten when i was under 4 years old




So you’re saying you’re held back? Explains a lot.


i just didnt go to kindergarten
my town didnt have one


So you’re saying you got held back…?


what does “held back” mean?are you saying im dumb?


How does your town not have kindergarten? What country do you live in?


it DIDNT have a kindergarten.it has one now.i live in europe,georgia.i live in a small and i mean VERY SMOLL town called “tkibuli”


So you live in the continent of Europe? Or the city of Europe?


also before you say the town i said is not real,it is real.I SWEAR ON ME MUM


@Misfit would you rather have to hang up an anime poster at your job and act like u are seriously interested for 1 whole month, or would you rather get kicked in the nuts as hard as possible without damage every day for a mobth?



Would you rather incinerate 100 initial despacitos (those weird Roblox spider things) or liquify 10000 mildly hating haters?


Thats a retarded question.


stfu dont ruin this thread again


@Yeet @Misfit

Would you rather put metal tooth picks under your toes and kick a wall, or sieg heil in the middle of one of Israel’s cities, and wait for the consequences.


@dankmementos would you rather blend 12 chockens or eat 13 chickens?


Not been sumoned here, but dedinitely 2nd option. Sounds funky as hell.


I would rather have to be struck viciously in my genitals for a confirmed once per day rate, as in the case of hanging an anime poster iand standing by it, I would likely be kicked many more times there in total and live in constant fear, never knowing when the next hit is coming. atleast with the other option I have a schedule and it will become routine.

sieg heil in israel, it’s something I intend to do one day anyway and just you wait.


woulod you rather drop 10X the street dose of the most potent acid you’ve ever tried, disguise yourself as a blonde female like they did in the movie “white chicks” and strut down the red light district of amsterdam offering it all up for 10 amsterdam dollars or lick the smegma from bill clinton’s syphillus ridden hillary soaked glans while bush 9/11’s your ass in a litteral sense.