Would You Rather?


A fun little game, pretty simple.
How to play:
I will start off with a Would You Rather statement about SM. Pretty much, a Would You Rather statement would be two different SM related scenarios that are equal in quality. The next person would have to choose between the two choices. After that, that person makes a statement of their own, ect, yada yada.

So, I go first:

Would You Rather get constant battles against players much stronger than you, or have to wait 10 minutes for every battle?


Specify/Define the words: Constant, Stronger, battles, against, players, than, much, you, or, to, have, wait, every, for, minute.




Would you rather get a 5 Platinum Platings or get 3 VS, 3 BS, 3 Falcons, 3 Magma Blasts, 3 Crimson Raptures, 3 Ash Creators, 3 Flaming Scopes, 3 Lightning Scopes?

Wait 10 minutes,

I meant wait 10 minutes for my answer


You have to answer the previous one first lol
Oh and 5 platinum platings


I wanted to know the specific definitions of the word: Constant

Then I thought… why not for all of them? And now I want you to be more specific to what you mean with each word


Constant means every 3 seconds or so.


You and I have very different definitions of that word


I rather battle Players much stronger than I am.


Just wait 10 minutes,really obvious.

Would you rather win SM but without reward or lose but getting rewards.


Wait, but what if you’re Rank 1, and you can fight other Rank 1s with Winning and Losing 50/50% of the time?


Id go for stronger player… but well…

Would you rather buy packs or pink camo paint (and then proceed to complain that drops are shet)?


I’d rather buy pink camo paint because I am a dainty princess in need of much pretty things to reflect my inner beauty.

Would you rather get one free claw or one free plat plate?


Lol who would buy pink camo?


Don’t ignore me.

I clearly already responded to that one.

Are you trying to hurt me?

Are you trying to make me feel excluded?

Well, you’ve done it pal.

You’ve made me feel small.

I hope you’re happy with yourself.

Big bully.


i rather wait out those 10 minutes

would you rather have 200 resistance to all elements or an added 200 dmg to all weapons, drones, and utilities


i think a free plat plate would be my choise
if i were a girl, YES, i would buy pink camo too…
do YOU have any problem with pink??..
or with camo??

sooooo…what you rather be?
a girly man in camo or a manly girl in pink???


The camo is because this kitty has claws â– â– â– â– â– .


Why would i even buy pink?

Also a girly man in camo lol.


did you ever thought of DISGUISE??..:rofl: