Would you like 3v3 for the top 3 ranks?


someone wrote somewhere that raw hp is not the answer for everything…even if you use 6 slots…


I do not want to play 3 vs 3, too few players so it serves nothing


That’s common sense, Heat would obliterate you lol, imagine that. 4600hp vs a heat chipping away at your health


Of course thats including phys res module. Raw hp alone is not relevant as you mention.
Top physicists are running anti phys buids with following stats nowadays:
2900 to 3300hp with 90ish phys res… thats claw zark/windigo/brutality with 3 or 4 plat plates. Tried a 5 plates build, not very useable due to low heat stats.


ok…than in your opinion what would be a healty balance between hp res and heat/cooling energy/reg in a rounded mech?
(the reason i am asking, because i was thinking that 2 rounded mech has better chance than specific counter builds

correct me if i am wrong…


I voted tweak for the joke.
But my opinion is no,it’s kinda unfair to have 3v3 at top ranks,because it will somehow make someone esaier to get into top 10.I will just say that it should stay as it is.


I don’t follow that logic at all. If everyone in the top 10 is playing 3v3 how will it make it easier to get there? I thought the main complaint would be it would make the top 10 harder to achieve not easier.


Just like Misfit, i didnt get the approach…


Tweak it . It has to have a 1 v 1 option for everyone else . Players are already complaining about wait times and lack of opponents . Make it equitable for all players .


it should theoretically have virtually the same wait times if you make the range long enough. giving 1v1 for everyone else wouldnt really help either because if you’re rank 6 it doesnt matter whether youre doing 1v1 or 2v2, you can only come into contact with someone either 2 ranks ahead or below. the only place where it would become awkward is for ranks 4 and 3.


You are awkward … You have all good points here . The only thing that has gained any traction was the silly nerfs and buffs . Where will this go beyond this thread ? I have zero faith in this team. There are many game functions that have been broken fo r a long time . If you are going to try to gain something why not throw the 1 v 1 in as well? Having buy in from everyone outside the top ranks will help further your mission to get 3 v 3 back… Awkwardly yours … NOBODY


I’d like 3v3 for all ranks,not just top 3.
Some of us are stuck at rank 4,you know?


I would like 3v3 to be the main battle for ranks 5-1.
3v3 is the most strategic battle mode, and the least luck based. We might even see less of that counter roulette stuff.

However, the development team would need to give us a 1 month warning in advance, along wiht 3 item mania portals to give us a chance to prepare our third mechs (or improve them)


I am an avid supporter of 3v3, but here is a problem: Imagine a player named Joe. Joe wants to rise up in the ranks, so he sets his mechs up to best suit the 2v2 playstyle. However, suddenly, he goes into 3v3. Now his set-up is ineffective. Now he is stuck. Joe didnt plan ahead. Why? Joe isnt on the forum. Joe doesnt get mentors or advice. He has no idea of the optimal 3v3 strategy. This is my greatest concern.


I didn’t know Joe mama plays sm! Get her a forum account post haste !


I’m for 3v3 at high ranks (as high as 5-1) with the one caveat… that they give tools for high level players to get 3 full mechs and enough time to phase it in (unlike 2v2 which was thrust upon everyone with no warning)

Tools would include things like Directed Loot (either to item type or color), Increased chance of Legendaries, Trading in Experience past Level 150 for either gold or better chances on the Premium boxes, etc… anything that helps us make our Mechs better and move up the ranks rather than stagnate at the same rank forever