Would you like 3v3 for the top 3 ranks?


Firstly I have to grant credit to @cousin_joe for this idea as I saw it on one of his threads, but I wanted to give it its own poll to see how popular it is. I myself am actually on the fence on this but am curious to see what people have to say.

The Pros

the major benefit seems to be that battles will become less luck based as you are less vulnerable to a bad pick. I’m unsure whether the new 3v3 would be like old school 3v3s where mech order was fixed or, probably more likely, you could still pick the order of your 3 mechs like with 2v2. However, I think players would be forced into less heavily targeted builds as they wouldn’t be able to totally ignore one type like they can now as they won’t be able to let one mech sit out when encountering a given type. This would make super high hp phys less common as they would have to deal with triple energy and triple heats. It would make pure Enti energy energies less viable as they may encounter a heat. And heats would have to consider any mechs they have without energy free weapons which have no energy modules. All together I’d say heat most benefits from this and physicals are most damaged which is what everyone likes to say should happen.

The Cons

The major drawback for many would be that it would make those who lack premiums even more at a disadvantage as those good items they do have would be stretched over one more mech. Conversely those who have lots of premiums are given even more mechs to accumulate the advantages to durability and weapon set up this provides. In addition it could be argued that it won’t really change targeting mechs/lucky picks as people will just be prepared to lose some and luck out on others like they do now.

If anyone has more to add, I’d appreciate it. Still unsure personally. But, to the poll:

Would you like to see 3v3 for the top 3 ranks?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Tweak

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Yes please



Ahh not for the Top 3 Ranks, probably 2-1 Ranks.

But if anything else, maybe no for me yet.


i dont know…i dont care…top ranks to high above…:expressionless:

ask me in the next century…


That opinion more reflects a “tweak” vote than a no. The top 3 was pretty arbitrarily selected, could be a different range very easily.

Perhaps it would be best if it was kept only to rank 1 as the highest of rankers. This way it might justify the reward box given to rank 1 only as well and the much higher reward for beating another rank 1.

However, the trade off is that the more you restrict the range, the longer the wait time in arena will be for that rank.


You forgot to take this with you.


By “yet” do you mean that you simply want to wait for a while before this is potentially implemented? That’s how I took it, which would also be more like a conditional yes / a tweak.


Also @The_Yo_Yo_Man can you explain your tweak vote?


Im sure he votes just to vote, so you know he is present lol


Lol. I was hoping he’d have something interesting to say :weary:


Nah, we serbs just like to take participation in everything.
Good topic btw, I agree 3v3 should be back, also 1v1.


now @Marija here is your chance (again) to PARTICIPATE in the top 10…!!!


As much as I would love to, Im unable to can lol


what???..did you loose your hard drive?..or what???
no excuses
i dare you to…:slight_smile:

cc’mon just for old times sake…just like in old times


Give me 2 plat plates and I will make it like old times :slight_smile:


if it were up to me i would gladly give you even 5


Sadly it isnt. So Im unable to be in top 10 lol


to bad…we got to show it to those ‘darn’ newcomers…:rofl:


For top 10 as a phys, 2 might be a little short… race to hp became pretty ridiculous…


I know, but Im trying not to be greedy. 2 is totally fine for me