Would you add more lvls? like 100?


plss add more lvls 50 or 100 pls


Yeah Increase the max level limit back to Hundred

What should be the Max Level Limit

  • Level 100
  • Level 30
  • Some Other

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More Levels are going to be increased in the next version.


but how do you know :confused:


I had 137 in …
But … It changed to 30 again


Along with adding a wwwhhhole lot more territories in the campaign as well would be awesome.


Have some Mercy on Developers

No Don’t


But then people with high amounts of EXP , like me (I have 6 mil) will get boosted to the max lvl and NOT receive the lvl reward. Soo mhhh


Currently xp after lv 30 is useless


What is point of adding more lvl its useless when U reach top. Exp doesnt mean anything. Exp ticking meter should stop and replace with something else.


Quick spoiler , there will be the max lvl of 150 in the next update . Yeah have fun getting 30 million EXP


i have 22m… and i know a few that toped the 30m mark 1 month ago.
What should they get?
Former clan leader Reiko of Htk had 28m befor the increase of exp gain to 3k.