Would this be good?

Would windigo make a good energy torso for my mech

Windigo would likely help with your heat, plus you can add more engines with it.

I’d also find a top weapon to add, maybe spinefall or hysteria if you’e got one.

there’s a thread here, I suggest reading through it for finding a torso to balance ur energy mech

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Broh, whatever you do in SM, you just have to think about the “big picture”. The truth is that classical energy mechs are about to be extinct in 2-3 weeks. There is no point in building them, as physicals reach now 2.5 HP with 600 energy. That is 20% more than your Grim now. You have to switch your thinking style. I suggest the topic: Delerium... I guess I give it a go... Or spinefall? Wait, there is Hysteria, too.

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You worry too much. Energy will still be over powered and at the top.

You’ll just have new contenders. This morning I watched Mr.E make Rising submit, while on his second mech (rising) while E is still on his first.

Just like how everyone else had to adapt and change. Energies will do the same. I suggest you do the same, this gone be fun my friend.

Also Physicals are back in business. I thought you’d be happier about it :confused:

I just faced the sad truth. Without Mercy, physical protector and claw I won’t even think about building a physical. And saddly, I do not own a single item of these…


Well you have a major point there. Which brings up a problem I won’t go further into here.

But hey, Physicals will reign as kings once more.

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Very true mate; everybody talks about plat plate. Since the apperance of the claw, to me the one real op module is myth phys res…
Ps: spartan i also on that wish list

Hopefully yes.
Lets see in a few seasons how other guys adapt…

If they do, then that’s just another reason for you to break them.

I’m quite happy having seen you and E make god tier energies submit. Will be happier to see if that lasts even longer!

Well a way out for them would be to switch to high dmg high hp energy. Buldogs and bunkers with one vaillant and or an ash like mordulecs intents in the other thread. Se77en is doing quite good on that (go check him). Hes the only top elec that i have less than 90% confidance in wining (count is actually in his favor).

Ps: at the moment E and me are also having top physicists at ease, 2600+hp claw builds included. Our builds are really op on almost every aspects. Only pb for me, well designed heaters. But there is only 3 or 4 such players. Dont take them as physicist general samples.

I don’t know if even that kind of high dps energy build would even be able to.

I caught this beauty this morning, and it legitimately impressed me. Because he made him submit. That’s never happened with Rising before.

And I’ll do that, quite interested in seeing how top energies handle you and E (and RICO <not nearly as tanky but still a force to be reckoned with).

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0_0 is quiting on me since 2 seasons. He is aware of the situation and is rebuklding. Curious about that…

I wish I could catch fights between all of you. I tend to rarely catch them (like that gem today). And rebuilding? Oh my, I wonder what he’s got instore for you guys.

I’m giddy over top tier fights lmao

Dont make fast generalities about phys tho; read the edit ps in my previous post.

Oh trust me I know not to. I’m just glad to see physicals making a larger stand at the top, since you know it’s been quite a while since physicals have held top with builds that make just about everyone cower behind their nans.

Plus, all of you need some form of weakness. So I don’t mind seeing some really skilled and well built heaters taking you guys down lmao

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It might very well be a revival of heat builds all in all.

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Bro, I have watched you fight heat. You make fatal mistakes with getting greedy to fire each turn. All you need to do is cool down EVERY turn or sometimes twice in a turn, and you’ll easily win.

I learned this vs Rovo, all you need is 2 heat engines and you’re good. My problem is that my primary is full of 5 energy engines, so I had to build a third mech to battle heat. I had the privilege of testing it today. It’s a POS to look at but with 2000hp and eventually 850/400 heat/cooling, not even Magmas will faze it. That’s where it’s at right now, targetted builds. I now you’re working on an anti-heat. Will be interesting to see, but honestly, you’re good to go with your current mechs. Just learn the art of cooling and the dynamics of heat. I’m coming from months of playing heat, so maybe have a better understanding?


Just wondering, why cooling once a turn or twice will increase your chances of winning compared to shooting twice a turn ?

I never was a heat player…^^

To be very fair to Rising, he always quits on HTK members. It’s a clan ethos from players that are on break.

However, I asked Rising to play normal and not quit at the start of the match. It could have gone either way, cause my secondary build had crappy energy stats.

Rising is struggling a bit with the adjustments required due to arena shop. A great player nonetheless.

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You just exposed my lazyness bro :joy:

You definitely have an expertize that i dont in the heat field…
Mu anti heat will solve this most likely, but o will only take it out for (the few) double heat players… too weak in other fields.