Would heron mark + reckning useful?

snatched both of them off from the prem pack sale and got myself a pair of these heat items , planning to have following build :

  • Zarkares
  • Devouring Paws ( legs )
  • Supreme Cannon ( top )
  • Desolation ( top )
  • Clash ( drone )
  • Heron Mark ( side sword )
  • Reckoning ( side shotgun )
  • Modules go for heat tanker build :
  • Heat engine x2
  • Mass Cooling booster x2
  • 4 Epic plates

How do you think about this build ?

It wouldn’t work. Total weight for all listed parts is 1,042kgs.

That and Reckoning is used to push enemies into your other weapons ranges. Heron or any sword really, is meant to hug the enemy.

Neither work well together.


Heat is better than cooldown.

You survive more , so use 3 heat engines and 1 booster

Tiny update : I just reallized that i had claws , would this make things better since claws already provide a huge amount of HP and rediculou damage ?

You can likely drop two plates and add in something else. But lemme do the math, since some of your weapons do require energy.

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Much appreciated

I have a pretty similar build
But with brutality and magma without heronmark
3 heat engines
1 cooling booster
2 epic hp plates

And murmur
In rest is the same
999 weight

I will say a two things first. I couldn’t fit the Heron Mark in at all due to weight* constraints and as I mention later on, if I were you and had a max protector. I’d take that over the HP plate. You’ll be near 2k HP.

2141 Total Hp (2311 with Plat Plate). 1996 with Max Protector.
490 Total Heat
259 Total Cooldown
371 Total Energy
148 Regen

Total Weight: 988 ( 999 if Protector is used).

Parts used:

  • Basis - Zark, Claws
  • Top Weapons - Desolation, Supreme Cannon
  • Side Weapons - Reckoning
  • Utilities - TP, Hook, Charge, Clash
  • Modules - 2 Heat Engines, One Cooling Booster, 2 Energy Engines 1 Plate

Since I’m doing this, I may as well add the 20% Arena Bonus.

588 Total Heat
311 Total Cooldown
446 Total Energy
178 Total Regen

As you can see, the build is pretty decent.

Given it has 11KGs left, I’d switch the plate for a max Protector Instead. Offers more protection and you’re pretty tanky at nearly 2k hp.


i would prefer using that spare 11 kg for a teleporter , thanks for your help

Heron isn a great choice…you got to keep phys at distance

The TP is in there already, look at the utilities listing. It’s the first one lmao and np mateo!

Now with the bomb of heat, all builds will be instantly shut down.
So …