Would Heaters be viable if


Based on calculations to be able to add some HP mods and a little energy, plus a fourth weapon. I’m talking mainly about the weight of the rocket weapons and shotguns.

Plus heat weapons do the least damage.


Simply getting heat weapons on par with their energy counterparts would be a start…

Yes to anything heat related lol


Heat need some love like heat rollings and epic-myth grenade launcher
this image is in the application store, I do not know why they did not implement it



Heat Brightroar and Heat Sniper…

I wouldn’t mind a sniper tbh, but heat BR? boi what year is it.

BR heat or energy is trash, phys may be useful but seraphs already cover it


No u
But really, you can’t just state that something is useless, just because of how you see it. I’m an proud user of HB and all I can say is that it gives me an edge over both physicals and energies who decided to neglect their heat stats.


As was not so gently pointed out to me, you can’t equate heat to energy. Too many differences exist. Heat has certainly been last in line to get any love from the devs, but going to the extreme you suggest would create a meta unlike anything before seen. The earth might cease to turn.


Interesting, and thank you. From the energy side (though you hate us), to equip enough weapons to drain and enough engines to not be drained and made useless, we are left in a similar spot. We have to pick between heat and HP or have a dangerously low amount of both. To get any further, we have to give up mobility items.

I’ve not yet done a bunch with heaters, so I can’t speak to their exact pain, but I do know energy and am quite familiar with our pain. I wouldn’t dream of asking you to stop hating blue mechs, but perhaps you can appreciate that the struggle isn’t limited to the red ones.


What he means by that is not give heat the exact same functions, but instead just make them more to par stat wise.