Would Heaters be viable if


Maybe a dumb idea, but what if heat was more identical to energy? Instead of having shutdown, make it like energy’s drain effect. Along with this, make weapons like each other in weight and damages and the additive nature that energy has to electrical damage when drained.



Yes, and maybe we can color the heat weapons blue instead of red too.






Appreciate the well thought out answers. :slight_smile:


ask a silly question…


You guys do actualy realise that the premium wepons that heat have… are available at fremium lvl for energt and phis.
Compare lastwords to abomination…or terror cry… only nice thing about it… it weights more…


For TS, heat has either been too difficult to balance properly or they just don’t care. Comparatively, they’ve found a better balance with energy. Since they show no outward signs of improving heat, that is why I asked the original question.


If this idea is followed, we might as well just get rid of heat in general

As fluxeon said, it is the same as just coloring the heat weapons blue, this idea is turning heat to energy but a different name.

While heat may be unbalanced in the top ranks (which can be fixed!) it is very fun to play as any ranks below the top.

This is a very stupid idea, which is strange considering the smart things you have said in the past


Well, my lead off statement was that it may be dumb. If my prior posts made you think I was incapable of such things, then they fooled you. :slight_smile:

We see lots of suggestions for how to improve heat. So far, they’ve all been dumb. So far, TS has ignored them all.

So, it was just a question, just a curiosity. If anything, rest assured that because it was mentioned, it will not be considered by TS.


Hard to change a corr mechanism of the game… just like is hard to implement a new type.
Balance is always a shifting thing in this type of game.
Since a simple buff or nerf to a wepon unbalances things, and shifts them.
Look at EMP, it brings kind of a balance, between the main protagonists of the top ladder.
But at the same time it impacts very little in the low ranks, under 15.
Heatbomb, altho it has the same stats as EMP, it is completly useless, just because the function it has is negated by the impact on the user.
Heat has manual cooldown. While energy regen has self regeneration.


I would delete energy and replace it with heat


I would delete all weapons and replace it with handshakes and hugs.

Peace is always better than war. :slight_smile:


if u cant beat them join them?? then y not take out heat and have only phy and energy while your at it. lol heat is different so it can be unique not a blue version of energy


Instead, I think heat needs to gain a 10% damage boost, 10% heating boost, and a 10% weight deduction. This is because heat is the heaviest, least damaging, and lowest draining. We need heats to come back into play.


i agree with your point weight is most in need of a nerf


Best idea ever made.


30% weight reduction to heat weapons and this problem goes away. Heat will be as good as energy.

However, from experience in the game, and with the devs attitude to heat, this will never happen. They see heat like the dark side of the force and energy like Jedi or something stupid like that.


Why 30%? I’m not pooping on the idea. I’m curious how you arrived at 30%.


no that wold not work okay because the heater can still build up heat energy does not turn your energy level to negitive