Worth getting back into the game?

Hi all, I used to play a lot back in 2015-2016 era, back when the mythicals were hot stuff. Then quit around mid 2016 when the game got really unbalanced (imo), with all the god mode melee builds running around. Right now Ive been taking a look at the game again and might just start playing, just want to know how balanced or p2w the game is now.

Can non max weapons compete? Do you need a build with all myths (or whatever you call it) to hit the top ranks? Im willing to pay a little, like dropping $15 a month on average and that got me a few full myth mechs back then.
Also should I use my old account again or start a new one?

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And yes i think you should bring your old acc back!

Game is broken now.
You must be p2w to reach top ranks.
If you are f2p you won’t get anywhere.

I’m sorry, but this is the truth.

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I’m too lazy to answer everything, but I’ll tell you this.

Getting into top ranks is based on modules and skill. (Mostly mods since those are so bloody rare but heavily needed to stay competing).

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So uh Im out of inventory space?
Converted all my legacy items and exceeded the limit
Did I screw up?

Uh oh, yeah. Now you need to get rid of useless items by using them for upgrading other items. And upgrading costs :frowning: . But if you have enough money, you have no problem.

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I dont have any regular items though, everything was converted.
Guess its time for a new account. Thanks for the help

Yup, you should create a new account. Feel free to ask for tips :slight_smile:

PLEASE, just a peice(typo, i know)of advice,
Just don’t play.
It is not fun anymore.
Even if you play, Sometime later you will realize that joining was a mistake(now with all the heat bombs and all that)
Just my opinion.
Good luck!

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Excuse me?