Worst bad luck in game

Hello guys, this is sad, i had saved for months 12x premium boxes and 1 premium pack, (i play for free) i saved them for 2 reasons, 1) inventory was full (couldnt open boxes even if i want to), and 2) i wanted to share you a video when opening them…

The great day finally came, i decided to open them, i started to record screen with camtansia studio, video was going well, then i pressed “stop” the video, then an error ocurred, video didnt save, only the audio, couldnt recover it to show you what i got, (that is the other sad thing), as i say, i repeat it again: 12x premium boxes and 1 premium pack, you wont believe me, but not even a single legendary, all were epics.

anyways i made recorded opening 27x fortunes boxes, it went way better. Here the video

dis SUX


I look the video. :confused: THAT’S SAD BRO :'v

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soo many rare cards…so unlucky…

I’m NOT surprised what so ever. If we are lucky we will get one to maybe 3 times a year with good drops in the free area with a slightly better advantage from premium boxes.
Of course dealing with a lot of dupes of what we already have.