World's luckiest and also the worst legendaries prem pack of all time

I felt lucky today today and decide to use 10$ to buy 2 prem packs , the first one is epics , here is the second one , this is NOT photoshoped :

I jumped in joy , but immediately i get dissapointed , why ? here are the items that i got :

Immediately mythed the Cobra later because i already have some legendary laying around to evolve it
I fused the legendary Nightfall , so i have to use the epic as substitute , i was clumsy

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Imagine if all of em were plats. My god, myth fod obviously, but gratz on the 5 leg box


Well…Let’s see them?
It super annoying when people upload pictures showing how they legendaries,but don’t show which legendaries they got.


Next time,please screenshot the other side of the cards…

Im really apology, i accidently pressed the release post too fast

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desert fury isn’t bad, and drains more resist with greedy drone.

Lemme see…
So the photo shows that you got 5 legendaries…
They’re supposed to be the one from that photo below?
If that’s the case…In the 2nd photo we can see:
An epic Night Fall
A legendary Annihilation
A legendary Desert Fury
A legendary Zarkares
A mythical Grim Cobra
Sure,maybe you transformed the Cobra…But what is an epic doing there?

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I fused the legendary Nightfall , so i have to use the epic as substitute , i was clumsy

good thinking. You prolly get nightfalls every day from farming RB

Agree , for some reason , nightfall always guaranteed to drop on RB .

A transformation requires 5 other legendaries…
Plus you say you got 5 goldies but I only see 4 (I’m counting the Cobra for you said you myth-ed it)…
Sorry mate,but you got no real proof so I’m gonna say it never happened.
Plus the 1st photo was taken from a mobile device while the 2nd one was taken on a pc,right?
Sorry but I have reasons to believe this is bluffing.
Make a proper argument and tell me that I’m wrong;I’ll believe you.

1:I have more than 5 legendaries
2:The Screenshot was taken on Mobile Device , which later is transfered to my laptop via the cable , i have an iphone
3:I logged on my laptop to edit and make this post along with the other picture.
4:Also , arent the layouts on both mobile and PC are the same for opening boxes and workshop ?

Well,that was pretty blunt.I like it!
I just read the other replies above (I was writing so I couldn’t read’em).
Okay,I’ll believe in your arguments…However it’s still hard to believe you got 5 goldies outta the Premium Pack…
That’s just great.Simply amazing!

Those legendaires are trash , which made me cried…alot , either way , its still something , and im probably the first ever person have this scenario happened

Almost,it’s just a little difference in the graphics.
As someone who plays on both devices very frequently I can easily notice it.

I agree with @TheWindWeaver It would have been easier to log onto your laptop to edit the photo into the forum by laptop. Still, I don’t see why he decided to myth the cobra, yet not put it into the second pic. I’m pretty sure thats a legend cobra, not the myth one. Also, if you took the pic while you opened the pack, and after you equipped the items, there is a time gap between it, which in that case I would agree with @L4K3

It is the time that after i fused everything that i forgot to reveal the behind of the cards .Again , my fault for the clumsyness

why, you were excited about the horrible items, as @L4K3 stated? and even you said so? Here is the proof

I was excited to see there are 5 legendaries , only to have them as trash later when i opened it , why would be happy if i had common legendaries that can be easily evolved :joy:

just be glad that you actually got a legend to myth ok?