Worlds are gone


So i try to log into my account, and when i do it shows that all my worlds are suddenly gone. it also says “welcome cyan hydra” in the top left corner of the world selecting page


By any chance did you logon to Supermechs and link your account?


i dont think so, but it may have been a possibility


Its normally the cause of this in the past. @Alexander is the only one able to fix this.


Moved it to tech help… As I said in private, have to know wether you played SM or … Usually that’s the case, need to know more than ‘it’s a possibility’ mate.

Please be as descriptive as possible so we can help you the best we can!

Thank you :slight_smile:


@Alexander I need help with the same problem and I did indeed link my BD account to SM. Can you please help me out? I also reached out to you on skype. I can provide more information there.