World War Fantasy


Hey Everyone,

Can’t there be World War era (2 teams only).
For example we take Fantasy world, then all the colonies placed extreme East or West. The team which dominates will win the era.

Would be fun.


We’re doing this already. Just with 4 teams instead of 2. Its literally going to start within the next few days.


Yeah I know about the faction event, but i had different thing in mind.
2 big teams of all time competing against each other face to face.

Would be fun


The fear I would have about a 1v1 is that when 1 side wins… that’s kinda it… With multiple teams, when 1 gets beaten down, it means the team that lost will have time to recover while the others fight as well as be able to potentially team up against the one that beat them.

There would be no other thing for the winning team to do aside from continuing to keep the losing team down. Nothing else to occupy them. Honestly, factions is already kinda WWII ish. WWII was kinda 1v1 in terms of “pick a side” but overall, there were many sides fighting and with different goals in mind. I mean… technically Russia and US were on the same side… but we all know they didn’t have the same goals in mind…


Yeah I got your point.

But take as this, there will be only 2 teams. Example if 250 members join the game each team will have 125 members.
125 is not a small amount for a single team.

Both teams place on the extreme opposite sides. It will take time for each of them to travel one place to another covering the area. Once they are face to face 250 players will fight each other. It will hundreds of ticks for a single team to win. Then the winning team will have to go all the way to end to conq them.

For fun we can also place garrisons so that each team will have alot of xtals.

Just like Faction era it could be 3 ticker with 1000 ticks.

PS: admins could decide regarding relics.


Yes, i understand where you’re coming from. It’s an interesting idea, it’s just risky is all. All it takes is slightly uneven teams and it could landslide quickly. And it seems like you would allow people to pick which side as well. Which gives people the chance to stack massively on 1 side. But even if we do random, there’s also no guarantee it’ll play out fairly. But overall, I just feel at least 3 teams need to be available on a map to keep a sort of balance. Otherwise, it’s very easy for things to get boring quickly. Can always make it a poll though :slight_smile: If there’s enough interest, then always willing to try it out ^^

Just make sure to think all things through (what are potential ways to try cheating the system and how do you stop it)


Yeah I understand the problems admin could face and etc.

It was just an idea I got