World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


Hello Hhe is an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo and crossed the bottom reveals the symbol of the eagle-as in the Albanian emblem-even football is mixed with politics


Kosovo je srbija


lets go team usa


if only they actually qualified :frowning:


there is rugby and baseball


but does europe play baseball

usa rugby is still fairly new; its good but not champ material for sure. beating scotland was a nice morale booster tho


Gotta laugh


I am sorry to hear you lost so much :exclamation:

I had a bet on Belgium, won 1723634749 millions :exclamation:



Pretty much a world cup without @Mordulec.
Where are you great ape?
Might throw in some bananas if you show up


What a naive smile she has…


I see whats on your mind…


Germany - Sweden going well:


Well, without seeing his face i know what the mate has in mind…


He got depressed after poland vs senegal match


Dont be evil @lordgorgon


I would not call it evil.


Germany - Sweden 2-1 not bad

what a last minute chance



tbh i was really surprised when Mexico won against Germany, but Germany is making it’s way back


20 characters blah



too clutch


yes,Germany was not shine during the match