World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


My first favorite is my country, then my neighbors: Brazil and Argentina. If they are eliminated, then by anyone who is Spanish speaking. And finally for Europe.


Iran- 0-1 Spain good match
whew Spain won

Iranian does a good job


Tonight France is playing. After the shet first game i have big expectation. If we want to win this cup we need to start playing for christ sake


Isnt there an exagerated rivalery between the continent national teams? Something like for a Brazilian: “id rather die than support Argentina”


I thought the same and also heard of it many times … wasn’t there a special story about :interrobang:

She has different thinking, the closer they are, the more she like, but she support “all” :exclamation:



IM calling that belgium wins the cup.


I consider this too. Excellent team, but lacks XP in big events


Nah, Tovarish’ proidemte


When they played panama, I saw a winning team. Danced around them. They are very fast.


They wouldnt have dance around the Germans or the French…


THey might, they might.
And also, considering Germany lost to mexico…


In Poland commentators say we are like World Champions Germany, lost their first match… How pathetic…


Who do you predict will win it all?


In my they say a lot about defeating the Serbs opponet.


France mate… France


Maybe belgium and france will verse in the end…


Germany lost to Mexico because it underestimated the Aztec team in the first half.

But if Germany is willing to play the rest of the World Cup as they played at the second half, Germany eats them all.


Group games doeant mean shet. Final phase is everything…


Croatia just have won against Argentina.
Cestitam @Skiller-Legendary


Croatia schooled Argentina… 3-0… that is like greenfield score.
What nice goals… excelent play.
Tough team, very determined and hard working, really like them.