World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


Brazil. Por vida. Favorita segundo es Germany. Trecero es Belgium…


I see a dude injuring Neymar right away. Then these arses incapable of playing correctly (just like lats cup)… talk about a team. Germany and Belgium tho… Germany always dangerous, expsrimented and used to play together (all of them are in Bayern)… Belgium, lot of talent, but not used to “big events”, ill follow them closely


Belgium is my dark horse . I am rooting forr them. The others are just solid teams . That is problem with World Cup. Talent rarely gets together to practice as a team. Play is not play of old when the teams only played with each other . Now with the growth of the sport in the multiple leagues talent rarely practices together . Nice to see Renaldo go for the hatty . That dude is the se77en of football. ( kidding here so call off your dog )


Uruguay is playing badly … they came to the goal a few times but define badly.

I see it difficult for Uruguay vs. Russia

The same, the mere fact of reaching the World Cup, for us is already a victory.


lol … I think he’s going to bite … Suárez’s teeth and Maradona’s hand are legends in football…


It is always funny to me when people say that so and so world cup team is playing badly- cause the truth is they are not.

All the players competing in this tournament are the top 1% of football players in the world


GG to France. That first goal tho…


Nigeria vs Croatia now :slight_smile:


No they are not. Geaographical cut results in funky stuffs.
Mate, Italy aint there, Saoudi arabia is… lol


The forum users are for once united in their opinion - at least in group F.
Group F: Germany, Mexico, South Korea and Sweden
21 voters… 100% = all votes on Germany… I wonder why?


Ya wanna know why?

For SM German channel lmao.


Who tf cares about south korea and mexico lmao


America and Spain people of course.

I know that it’s a joke but okay.


Everyone hates south korea because they have shit music


Plus we’re not weeb’s so.


No one in America or Spain is rooting for mexico or South Korea- Americans are voting for Germany since they know the U.S wont win, and Spanish people vote for the spanish world cup team lol


Weebs are more into japan tho


My knowledge is 0%.

Well played bois.
I’ma still vote for my country cause i’m dumb


Anyone that seen footbal would bet on Ger in that group…


Did USA win any major cup? Except USA Soccer Cup?..