World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


At my country they called it ‘‘the 100 year war’’.


Just the rugby match England France in 6 nations tournament :smile:


Tu m’as tué Gros


You should not feel offended, I meant no harm… Poland is to be in the shame hall as well… We used to have our “international Poles” as well…
Emanuel Olisadebe:

Roger Guereiro:

These were two experiments to implement foreign “talent” to the Polish team… It ended up in a failure… We did not even manage to advance to the cup stage… As usual… But perhaps the composition of the France and Belgium teams reflects the true composition of the French and Belgian societies… IDK…


england 1-0



Looking good at the moment for my dream Final …

France vs England



wow what a game



AAAAwww heeeallll yeah Croatia won!

@OSS117 you said that they’re tired eh?


not england

rip bestys dream final


incredible croatian a third consecutive extension and 2 times shoot-in .

Croatia qualified for first World Cup final


I told you!

Let us see if French survives.


France surely wins

Croatia already tired if won will be incredible


I think France wins.

Anyway, I don´t know, like I’ve been waiting for something better of this world cup…

There was very little “jogo bonito” . A lot of play of stopped ball … I don´t know … little to remember.


3 consecutive extra times, it’s like playing one more match…incredible Croatians!!
Can’t wait for this final :smiley:


France must win, I cannot stand that this piece of… Which is called Croatia had that much luck to defeat Russia so I cannot stand that this came to the final


(Against Argentina)

                             Top speed : 37 km/h 
                             Average speed on 80 meters distance : nearly 30 km/h
                                               With a f===ing ball in the foots

Usain Bolt
(at Berlin IAAF World Championships)

                            Top speed : 45km/h 
                            Average speed on 100 meters distance : nearly 38 km/h

Bip Bip plays with us :rofl:


First time Coyote catched him …




Michy Batshuayi beautiful celebration


Big French Party this afternoon …

Vive la France :exclamation:


Kylian Mbappé …



ok now watch this lets see who wins only the last part ok done