World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


Wait, what happened?


2nd yellow



Welp, theres goes my chance for a platinum plating lol


I hear outside, horns, screams

good match, was just ouf

ah oracle cat was wrong

who wins croaitie or England ?


That was a good game with a bad scenario, but considering the stake, this was about to be predicted… Leaving the racism aside, I myself would swear I saw a Morocco vs Nigeria match… That is so sad one can simply obtain a passport and compete in a National team…


Apart from Poland, I ALWAYS support Croatia. These guys are indestructible, unlike Spanish or Brasilian moaners and actors that cry about ever being touched by a defender…

IDK if you noticed that Subasic was seriously injured in the tight middle of the Russia vs Cro match, and despite this he did not sit down on the bench… Contrary, he defended the penalty shootout… This is what I call real tough guys. I simply feel I am a Polish with the Croatian character…


Mate that was unexpectidly bad comment…
They didnt obtain any passport. They are born with both. Them they choose for witch team they play.
For instance if they cant succeed to be selected in french team theyll have a plan b. For example Pogbas bro is playing for senegal (not sure). Once you have one selection in a given national team you cant switch.


ah Neymar always more criticized ouch, it’s sad
ah ok, neymar likes to do roulette
Poland have good play and good progress
ok, croatia plays very well but i think team very tired 2x shoots goal
Croatia 27% draw 31% England 42%


GG to France. That first goal tho…


I wonder how many plates you could have gotten with this wasted money? :thinking:


He is fast as hell :exclamation:

That raise the chance for …


Who wants to watch a worldcup with no italy. Booooooooooooooring


He wiil play , new rules since 2010,
a yellow card in 1/8 or 1/4 will be delete after the 1/4 final

Allez la bleusaille!!!


Florentin and Mathias Pogba (they’re twins) were born in Guinea and play for Guinea.
Both have the two flags, Guinea and French.
Paul was born in France.


I vote for my neighbourhood croatia!


Croatia can play a very beautifull football, but i think they’re tired…
Let’s see what happens…


I’ve seen their power.
And they beat Russia as hell.

Can’t wait for their win.


It will be a very nice match France-Croatia
But it’s always a pleasure for us (Frenchies) to beat England in Official Competitions :grin:


Ah…typical England vs French.
Just like 100 year war.


It’s more impressive in Rugby…this is literaly a war on the field :rofl:
It’s named “the Crunch”