World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


Belgians always was good defend

hard blow for brazil
it will be difficult Belgium against France

ah Thierry Henry blow old now


You were right :exclamation:



I hope tomorrow Sweden and Russia will win


C cool titi Henry ne jouera pas… :grin::grin::grin:
It will be a wild game…
Both play a very good football

We can do it :fries::fries::fries::fries:


Toi aussi tu tripotes la chatte à Didier…
It will be a very good semi final, so excited


Tu commence a me plaire toi…


Isn’t it switzerland?


My fav’ Brazilian player…

Skills… Skills… Skills


What? Tomorrow is England - Sweden and Croatia - Russia


I hope that Sweden and England will go well.
And Croatia (Srecno skileru) and Russia as well.


Today WorldCup is look like EuroChampionship


Croatia won.
I’m going to vote for My neighborhood Croatia
Srecno skileru!


Dream-Final …

England vs France

They both :sparkling_heart: each other since centuries :exclamation:




Im calling Belgium vs England in the finals…
Go Belgium!


Hah, guys, I am back. And I am so amazed this thread is so popular with you. Sadly, I failed to negotiate anything with Sarah or devs, and I am too embarassed to tell you guys what Sarah proposed and told me about the idea of the SM World Cup tournament… So basically, let’s keep it a general football disscussion. And yes, I was extremely depressed and disappointed with the Poland team’s performance… Two goals only in the whole tournament, both from free kicks, and this embarassing, unprecendented Poland-Japan 5 minute stalemate, boredom, and depression towards the final whistle… I was ashamed to be Polish first time in my entire life… Especially when I compare Poland to such countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, who left their hearts and sweat and blood on the pitch to present a positive impression of their skills… But at least my team ended an epoch of Nawalka Eagles, now we have to wait for the next generation of players, like Jan Bednarek… Lewy, Piszczek, Blaszczykowski, Krychowiak and Grosicki used to be gods 2 years ago, now they are fallen stars…


It’s good to be back lad.


don’t be…you still have BEM and DEMBINSKY…


Its coming home


South Korea could’ve been up here…

if only Mexico didn’t do poorly


Hasnt the whole team been abducted by alien?