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Vive la France stands for long live France.

i think


Oui, c’est tout a fait ca…



I can’t speak French.


Tous mes felicitations France :slight_smile:


This slavic accent on french ooo mama.
Almost perfect btw :slight_smile:


I still have that slavic RRR lmao
Not good enough yet to figure out my accent :slight_smile:


I’m good at French accsent too but i don’t know how to speak French.


GG Uruguay…not the same team without cavani

Thx goalkeepers :relieved::relieved:
Ours for the block, and the other for the mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

N’golo kante aka makalélé rules!!

Varane is the mvp!!

Let’s see what happens (Brazil or Belgium)

Mais putain comment ça fait plaisir de les voir gagner !!!


i bet on brazil


Yep Brazil is strong, but sometimes surprise can happen…
I bet on an offensive match… Let’s see…


I like both teams, have friends from my real sport in both countries :exclamation:

May the better playing team win today :exclamation:




In this game brazil is thw challenger. Not the orher way around…


Sta rece bre ti? hahahahahah
what did you just say lol


Akcenat…znas sta mislim.


Akcenat ili naglasak. Ne mozes da imas naglasak ako ne govoris jezik. Naglasak ti je kad neki stranac smesno prica srpski npr, jer nije izvorni govornik.
Accent, you cant have an accent if you dont speak the language. Accent is like for example, some stranger speaks in serbian and its funny to us because he isnt native speaker.


Jbm,njb sam se onda.


France vs Belgium
It can be epic… Nice world cup!!
GG Belgium
But we’re inda place. Deal with it :sunglasses::smiling_imp::scream:


2 : 1 if i’m not mistaken


im gonna take belgium over france in the semis


Belgians always was good defend

hard blow for brazil
it will be difficult Belgium against France

ah Thierry Henry blow old now