World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


19 years old :sunglasses::yum:

Pavard 22
Amazing young guys


I congratulate all the French … but whether you have enough alcohol ?


Hahaha alcool is our black gold
It’s the beginning :sunglasses::relieved:let’s see what happens


Good meeting Argentina-France. No extraordinary plays, but good goals.

France was better. It deserved the triumph.


I saw an other game it seems …

  • 7 Goals :exclamation:

  • very great shots :exclamation:

… France won :exclamation:



Its never enough mate… GG les bleux… the cup is ours


GG blues
GG Lord, an other gold medal :sunglasses:
J’espère qu’on va taper les Rois du Béton en 1\4

Zizou : Master of the WORLD


On prend le cannibale… Du coup, on lui péte les dents :sunglasses::smiling_imp::nerd_face:


Uruguay in the quarterfinals! Celebration here! I dropped a tear, we are a country so small but so big!


France vs Uruguay


Who bet / cheer for whom :question:



is uruguay an actual dark horse team

im gonna go for france as a safe bet


Belgium is the dark horse


Gg Uruguay… it was a pleasure to watch.
Hopefully its not a big deal for Cavani, he is of paramount importance for the team…


Who will win now :interrobang:



I will vote for my friendly neighbourhood Croatia.


im taking france, belgium (odd choice), england, and croatia for the qfs


Looks good for France. Thats a physical match…


good match, damage without cavani and I want to see play


France sure,win and Uruguay can be miracle

we will see well


Without Cavani its difficult


Gg Uruguay, see you in 4 years