World Cup with Mordulec - World Cup Groups


My mates just hate him doing that.

Other people from Switz saying that they respect us.


For obvious (and thicc) and sport related reasons, i hereby withdraw my support to France and now support Colombia.


Sure :exclamation:



Get some new eyes gorgon.

You summoned me by the way.
Smh…i should get loid.


N’Golo Kante rules!!!

Au buchet hérétique!!!



La Desch’s rules…


Pas de gardien, N’Golo qui couvre le terrain et M’Bappé devant…
on est en finale sans bouger une oreille
Thanks Didou la Desch aka Le stratège
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


congratulation 4 Nancy
3:0 :no_mouth:


Thank you!! Actually we didn´t expect so much. Uruguayans love our football team, lose or win they are always received back home with the same euphoria.

Already the mere fact of being in the World Cup, placed us among the best and that is a great achievement for us.

Let’s go Uruguay!


the U-team was stronger, more coherent and more purposeful.
They deserved to win.

Is it possible to distill vodka from fermented mate?:roll_eyes:


I think no… But we have our nationals drinks… “Caña”, “Grappa”… and good wines…


it was a joke :rofl:

but now I was wondering what to do if the mate to prepare and infusion on alcohol or vodka. :sunglasses:

PS and grappa - italien strongdrink



They successfully lost to South Korea and kicked themselves out of the Championship in the qualifying rounds!



People here are so excited for the tonight match against Brasil lol


I’m really happy for them.


Weird things happen in russia


im sad that Mexico lost…
but happy they’re still in


2:0 Brazil won.
Friendly match Brazil…Gg.


In the end Uruguay is the one that has walk more comfortable within their group … it managed alone, didn´t depend on other results …


I say France Argentina will be a great game.
Both teams are excellent but played lile shet up to now, they both need to show stuffs and start playing good.