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It’s not infinite but he’s correct, also Iron boots is better


In fact, you’re right. The latest Frantic Flame is an example of a remake of an old version.


It was a physical weapon though.



Today, before working in the mech saving system I was going to vectorize the stat icons, and I was just bothered that the icon of some stats like Heat Capacity and Heat Generation are exactly the same, just like the following:

[ eneg ] = Energy Cap & Energy Consumption
[ image ] = Retreat & Recoil

So, I decided to take the liberty of making different icons for each of those.

Now follow the icons:

[ eneg ] = Heat Capacity
[ eneg ] = Heat Generation
[ eneg ] = Energy Capacity
[ image ] = Energy Consumption
[ eneg ] = Retreat
[ eneg ] = Recoil

Other minor change: Icons like Weight, Health, and all the other white-ish icons will be full white.



I’m working in a legacy version of WU, it will be in Flash (Yes it will still be disponible after 2020).

Why am I making it in Flash? Battle System.

If you have any legacy item in your inventory please PM it to me.

Feel free to follow the development on wu server.


My God, aren’t you kidding? So excited.


In my opinion, if Flash 2020 really dies, you can continue to work on Flash and send swf files as files here (plus flash stand-alone players)


Google mentioned that flash will still work in the browser after 2020.


Does legacy prop refer to the old items before the sm or the old items ofwu?


Then I can set my mind at rest.


@Killin i can give you my legacy accounts there are so much i guess 4-5 accounts


This picture I believe will become a fact, the result…


umm,battle system is that?great!


But watch out though, that thing consumes a LOT of resources. 50/50 for each turn
This drone exactly gives you 135 hp for each turn ( if your enemy can deal more than 45 dmg ), and most of drones can deal more than 135 dmg, that means this drone is weak so it does not need alot of resources.


It’s too fast. I’m glad it’s not a new Non-Resistant armor (because it’s not 335T enough).


I m working a future decent heat mech like this

Is this mech good??


it would be okay probably good but might have problem when it gets cornered


Turns out i have trouble in deciding which variation of the mech i should use:


How bout this heat mech???


Friend, you have another error in the values.

look this