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Then I can set my mind at rest.


@Killin i can give you my legacy accounts there are so much i guess 4-5 accounts


This picture I believe will become a fact, the result…


umm,battle system is that?great!


But watch out though, that thing consumes a LOT of resources. 50/50 for each turn
This drone exactly gives you 135 hp for each turn ( if your enemy can deal more than 45 dmg ), and most of drones can deal more than 135 dmg, that means this drone is weak so it does not need alot of resources.


It’s too fast. I’m glad it’s not a new Non-Resistant armor (because it’s not 335T enough).


I m working a future decent heat mech like this

Is this mech good??


it would be okay probably good but might have problem when it gets cornered


Turns out i have trouble in deciding which variation of the mech i should use:


How bout this heat mech???


Friend, you have another error in the values.

look this


Its just 1 res not big deal tho :slight_smile:


But Charged Walkers have less Weight than iron boots, but okay…


Yeah, and he’s still correct


And the Sparked Runners? or Lightning Supporters?


Uh oh… It’s supposed to be a drone… I even entered it as one. : (

Edit: As for the rest of the items I was trying to figure out what was the most physically possible weight :wink:


Honestly, custom items’ stats setting is a pretty strict mechanism, nothing touchs that data after it’s set so it wont magically change or such, so I rather think you just miss-clicked, or done that propositally considering that it fits perfectly in the mech as a torso (because you adjusted it)

I need to destruct that philosophy of everything that goes wrong is in WU side.



And fixed the value easing bug, when you change the stats so fast and the mech summary values goes crazy.

A lot of other smaller visual updates and stat icons are now vectorized, and the data from stats comes from a JSON now, that means absolutely nothing for you if you’re a common user.

* plays Liran_saying_stay_tuned.mp3 *


U can add the new weapon?



Thinking of using FireBase, for allowing ya to make accounts and share mechs online, and mainly to solve some people’s problem that they can’t save local storage, meaning their custom items never gets saved.

Done, sorry for the delay.