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kool aid


Kool aid boy is back in town


How bout this physical-like energy mech i created???


If u have bulldog u dont need an electrics legs .-.

Put an irom boots instead .-.

And put short shocker drone or face shocker .-.


“physical-like” = ?


I dunno why, but I’m a massive fan of that first one :thonk:



You’re aware that Winz’s weapon with your name will be implemented?

Probably not with your name but anyway…


I’m glad to hear that. Bit saddened it may not keep the name.

Do you know as what type? (top/side etc).


Probably as top weapon, taken in consideration that it’s such a large-ass item, largest item ever, willing to be in-game.


because name

“Trancedge” sounds a bit like you

btw if you think that is already detailed enough, keep in mind that is epic torso :V


Glad it wasn’t absurdly subtle to pick up on what I meant. Lovely name, and leg/myth versions, when


Dunno, although it’s going to be the first torso-look of it’s kind.

And no, it’s not just gonna keep getting bigger and wider like Sith does.

what bugs me is, it might look uglier


Well to be fair to it’s design, it looks great. But it needs to be done in Flash (was it?). Draw conclusions from seeing it then, and I’m thinking of something like how Zarkares gets more detailed per ea upgrade tier. ya know?


I think you’d be surprised if I told it’s already in the game data and ready to be released, just need stats


Transcendent? I believe if I recall right, it’s been sitting there unused. But hey, hopefully they stat it correctly and release it well. (Yes, I’m gonna praise the f*** out of it’s release) c:


I mean, there are dozens of ready-to-use sprites in the game data, which were added in the version 6300, if my mind don’t fail me.

Many legacy re-makes btw


any planned diamond shell remakes in there?


Yep, I recall that as well. Tons of “new” stuff to release before my baby (transy), poo


half of them are released as items or Titans


Bulldog isn’t infinite

Charged Walkers are better than iron boots…