♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


Upload sprite to this forum.
Quote your post
find the thing that says “uploads/community.tac . . .”
Copy and paste
Make sure the parenthases are not inclueded


Or just use Imgur


You can put the easter egg of the Weight 666 (Coca Cola) ? only is a question


Well, I can, but I rather not, for the sake of being a “serious” app


Okay, i understand that




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  • Save & Load Mechs
  • Export & Import Items
  • Floor Pads

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BigDaddy and Chaos Bringer REALLY have only 3 uses and not infinite?


Hey, I do not need to report any flaws if it was not like that … mature a little and see things with child objectivity. Believe me, if I tell you something it is for you to verify it so that “your work goes well”

more even without knowing to whom you are saying that beyond the game.


I see you enjoy it, thanks!


Check balance update topics before posting tho buddy, it’s the 2nd time


yeah, i am a idiot .-.


Don’t be like that lol, that’s fine


It still does not work young. believe me without bothering to bother you I have made some tests but reach the step that I indicated

all good until the final step. that does not place the image. If you click outside the box, it goes to the initial screen, even if you click on the image it does not do anything. I only notify you of the faults. I’m not disqualifying your work in any way.

model smartphone (samsung S9+)


You have some other details, the PC worked for me now, but the values ​​of weight and heat energy when I change the torsos after uploading the custom, shows errors in values ​​and weight.



Fixed, was due to a line of jQuery code which I didn’t notice after removing jQuery from it.

Torso creating issue will require a bit more time to work in


a pumpkiiiinnn



Average is 700 Energy Cap and 300 Regen boi


And my personal favorite...