♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


This link does not leads me to any image though, it gives me a re-direct warning

How to properly get an image URL:
Right click in the image -> Copy Image URL


In fact, the website needed for the custom project is the one with only one picture, such as this one.


@Marija Now we talkin

Xzy made the mask


WU taken down for update

Workshop Unlimited is live.


Well, can’t input data?I tried many times.


What am I doing wrong? I am old and illiterate in technology, lol.


I see above something about copy/paste the url, how do I do that on a phone? All I get is download link or link location


know how to do it
but i don’t know how explain explain it


is this good for an energy mech? image
energy regen is 311





why? what should i change?


An energy mech w high energy stats have like 800 of max energy and 300 regen .-.

pls dont do off topic post


Do not worry, after all that, likewise it will not work, at least in the torsos section just do not take them, maybe weapons, but torsos Nop

from that step he does nothing. (android)


That stats are from a energy counter, not a normal energy mech


Why zarkares from my workshop unlimited have 22 heat resistance AGAIN and not 24?


If that’s the joke you made eariler…
Then that’s hilarious lol


Oh hell. It works exactly the same as before.

What’s your browser and device?


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That clearly is not an image url, as it does not end with the file extention. Sometimes they don’t end with the extention but are redirectioning to the actual image. Would you mind on bringing the link here?


Cause before I edited in github but didn’t edited in the upcomming version Lol, fixing that