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You Moron




Well, a friend of mine (also a fan of supermechs) wants to solve the problem of the dislocation of sword weapons (In fact, this is also my suggestion).I know it’s troublesome, but we hope this problem can be solved, please.


Did you even read it?:


Dude wtf, read this:


Oh, I see. Now I’m all right. I didn’t see the point.


Is good or bad?


Low energy to face electrics being fully dependent of energy, low heat, hp and phy resistance is just eh.

I swear you all should just stop trying to make rounded physicla mechs


This is better


You all better like this upcomming update.

You will be able to fix the item size and attachment points.



Oooooh, Yes yes yes yes yes yes


Oh, that’s great. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time. I’ve been hoping to restore GOD MODE to success. Finally, history is going to the future!


Ofc, I’m sure you will love this



oh,yeah,you’re right
I guess the first one is the size of the weapon.
The second is the item’s left and right (or up and down) attachment point adjustment.
The third is the item’s up and down (or left and right) attachment point adjustment.


Torsos will have six inputs:

  • Size
  • X position
  • Y position
  • X offset (horizontal distance between weapons);
  • Y offset (vertical distance between weapons);
  • Offset All (changes all the props exept size at same time)

Other items will have these three:

  • Size
  • X position
  • Y position

I’m thinking about making only one input for drones, which should be the size one. As unlike in the game, I always set the drone position automatically, relative to torso’s dimentions.

Other changes about the mech:

  • The mech class was re-made from the rust ZERO. It no longer will be vanishing when you’re resizing it, since I divided the structure update in two types:
  1. Setup Update => When you change some item in the mech it re-create all the images (This is what causes it to re-construct, and turn invisible for some mili-seconds), I will work to improve this even more, later.
  2. Structure Update => Handles when the mech is re-sized and re-positioned, without having to re-create the images. It also fixes the attachment points when the mech size is changed.

Completely re-worked the way that the mech is positioned, as in the in the current version the positioning is based in the torso, in the next version it will be based in the legs. Meaning that now the mech is perfectly centered


The mech is propositally positioned behind the scale scroller now, however the scroller is now 50% transparent.

For nerds:

  • Memory-saving improvements.
  • Data from old versions of WU keept in the Local Storage will be wiped automatically in the next version.
  • jQuery is no more used in WU, it’s now 100% coded in Vanilla JavaScript, for the sake of using Node.
  • Focusing on improving Mozilla users’ experience, as somehow WU seems to be more instable in Mozilla than in MS Edge.

css is painful


Well, after a long update, I’ve started to be interested in the new version.




Also, this build has been hanging on my mind for a while now.




Can someone create a torso in the custom shop which looks like Banes face with mask and black legs??