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.-. lol, i will delete my coment…
I din’t checked that




imagine this gets added in game


Dual drones? That’s awesome.

This mech has a split-personality. LOL


Transmech" pls dont flag only for a joke.


You’re right! This is a fantastic concept!

The execution would probably be hard though


what is the link to the website? @KilliN


its on his profile. check it.


yes i used google lmfao
i searched up minigun transparent background



would you agree that these stats are balanced?


Just messing around in WU.


Once this drone is activated, it will give you extra 45 Resistance for every element. It’s called DETERMINATION because it will make your mech tougher and more “Determined.”

But watch out though, that thing consumes a LOT of resources. 50/50 for each turn.


idea actually. how about this.
When activated it takes a certain percentage out of the damage you receive, but also it takes a certain percentage for your heat/energy as well. works kinda like the legacy shield.


That’s a good idea, but i’m looking for something unique. You know, go crazy or something like that. This idea haven’t been tried before, sooo yeah. :slight_smile:


i understand. but if that were ever to be implemented in the game, it would work more like a shield.


That mech scale bar is bugged, what’s your browser and device?


I use the latest version of Firefox.

An HP EliteBook 8460p with Core i5-2520M and 4GB of DDR3 RAM.


I knew, always firefox dem css -moz- tags.


@KilliN, According to Winz, it’s Energy Free Torso not Energy Free Armour, unless you changed it on purpose since the name is stupid


I was wrong