♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


Or just an energy mech, lol


KilliN, the Zarkares doesn’t have 22 heat resistance, he have 24


supermechs simplified for physical mechs



Now that’s epic


Where did you get those sprites?


That’s easy, Google.com


I Mean,How did he to get the minigun to look without that white square?.


He probably search “no font”, “transparent” or “render”


The best one is the picture of png. It has a transparent background.



In fact, all custom items are best saved in PNG format
(I really didn’t like png before, but now all of my pictures are saved by png (used to, because there is a transparent background).)


Emm Zarkares’s heat resistance is wrong, is 24, not 22


I swear this was pointed out like 3 times already here lol

Okay I’ll fix it right now



It’s normal, just like I’m always urging you to update new items.lol:laughing:


the top weaps are a lil too big.
mix of all 3 elements

SuperMechs Sandbox

I think it’s because of their resolution.


It’s not the top weapons, but the image, I will work in that later.


Hey,KilliN,if we are still talking about the Workshop,will you add the mech painting feature to the new one?

Instead of the old one,would you add the SM preset paint?


oh…I was expecting a Sprite…


Oh,sorry for that :frowning: