♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


Thanks @KilliN, and thank you for keeping the simulator up to date. It helps players more than you could imagine. My clanmates love it.



Seraph blade have 1-2 range, but is more stronger than nightfall


Fixed, thanks!


For nothing :wink: i will help you for any error




Umm knows how to use the custom items. After creating the item, his list just shows how many items you created by yourself, and then when choosing the item, it will appear in the corresponding list as you designed.

Just show your custom weapon.
it appeard
But, how wrong is the weapon?


Looks like Archi just went to the Gym.


Don’t even think about running away from this guy :slight_smile:

It’s a Heat Counter.


It reminds me Mr.Enigma’s counter…

I think that the meta at that time were the Rocket King (2.0)…

Perfect counter for it


KilliN, I’m in love with this new Look


It’s an automatic positioning system Lol, It wont understant that it’s a sword and magically make it fit correctly. As mentioned before:


Are you using Internet Explorer 6 or you manually edited the styles?


Using Microsoft Edge


It explains a lot, I’m far from supporting it

Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are just mistakes, that keeps bringing the Web Development to the stone ages.

Solid proof:


What if you could choose the tiers of the weapons/torsos?


You might want to use Chrome or Firefox.

Oh and BTW Microsoft Edge is moving to the Chromium rendering engine, similar to the one used at Chrome.


Then I would have to implement 500 items

We could start a community project though, like,people post the item stats here and I implement it in wu, and I could add a tool in the WU to easily check if some item is already implemented.

Right now I got my 2nd Hot Link badge, thanks you all



These mechs thinks like that too.


Yup, there’s always a counter for everything.