♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


Hey @KilliN have you done the custom item max and minimum damage? Like from 100-200 not a single value.


Not yet, because I had to fix the problem for other people that couldn’t see anything in the workshop.


no torsos?


Soon. Most torsos just looks misplaced when the attachment points are missplaced, so soo I will make it so the when creating the item, you can fix how it’s gonna be positioned in the mech, and so the torso creating will be available


You forgot to change the items to the new update (Avenger, Hollow Spectral Armor, Snack, Void, Clash, FlameWave, Shockwave, BackStabber, Nemo, Heat point and Magma Blast)


I’m aware


Okay, im sure you will repair it :slight_smile:


I like the concept of the workshop! I love create my dream builds. I just wish there were a way to test them out, other than waiting for what seems like ages simply to acquire a mercy.
This is just the concept of What I would like, so mind the weight, and the fact that there is not a drone or any utilities :wink:

I just wish I could try it out… see if these two items would work together…

Also, love the new touches to the Workshop! :smile:


Here’s an working version of that concept:

Which is also my main heat mech


A set of mechs that I most likely am going to use and have.
(Considering that I only need 5 common L-M items for these)… Shouldn’t be unpossible. Lack a few things here and there.
Claw is common I would say.

2 Super Counters and 1 rounder. Exactly as planned n.n

Oh btw, you can see Akame ga Kill anime in the top left corner (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)


(Slightly better version of the same heater, just would need 2 more L-M’s ) … Dual TP and a PP …


The last mech isn’t very effective, but nice try


It’s a rounder… I know… Cause of Mercy + Tonto … Will probably tweak it up and make it use LPV.

But you know, range 1 huggers are good against energy mechs… So yep n.n


I’m talking of the mech who have night eagle, mighty cannon, seraph blade and backbreaker, that mech isn’t good as all, the last heat mech is good


I know. I was talking about that one as well, it’s the ONLY rounder there out of all hahahaha :slight_smile:


I was just trying to make a sufficient mech that isn’t energy dependent, but thanks for the example! :smile:


Wouldn’t call this bad no chance, it is a rounder afterall, range 1 is very tricky for most of the opponents.

As long as they don’t use a hammer.


Only you need change the seraph blade for nightfall and you mech will be a bit effective
and u only have 1 teleporter, if that is gone, you will be the toy of the enemy mech (if he have pushers/attractors weapons only)


Both of you are wrong about the last mech

The mech is just weak agains all types, and a nightfall wont change anything


And if change the night eagle for a ANOTHER nightfall?


It’s stronger with the seraph blade to be honest. I’ve fighted many mechs such as this one, specially @Mechzilla’s, and it’s just a nightmare the way this drone keeps you stuck in your opponent’s food range.