♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


okay, i will try that


1 SyntaxError: bad method definition


the second error is long to say, but i will try


Why not send screen shot, because Ican’t do anything without knowing the file, and line, and in a screenshot I could see everything.


I don’t know how send a screen shot .-., sorry



Im using mozilla, but my pc is a little bugged


Great! That helps a lot, I already know what’s that about, and have already uploaded the update to fix that, can you check if still happens?

And Tell me if there is any different error. Preferably in PM, so we stop blurrying this topic.


on mobile the torsos wont pop up


Yeah it’s general, must be fixed in the next few minutes, thanks for reporting!


np This text will be blurred


No, tranks you for giving us the possibility of build the mech of the dream :smiley:




I’m all right now.

but windigo is red eye?


It’s a heat torso :”)


^ TS is the wrong one in the story, making a explosive item with yellow lights


@KilliN is working now, thx friend :slight_smile:


Glad to hear, enjoy it bro, any other issue please tell me.


I’ve made a custom item, but it can’t be used. Is that a bug?(use epic item)


Which browser and devide?