♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


We got a serious issue now, I just realize that newer verions of Workshop Unlimited seems to only work on my machine, and Idk why, therefore I cant solve this problem, so don’t expect it to have any update very soon…

Please, try using WU in this link: https://workshopunlimited.github.io/dev/

If it works, and ONLY if it WORKS, please let me know.


There might be a file that is exclusive to your machine.


doesn’t works like that, after being generated, the swf claims a copy of everything it needs to work from the machine where it was made

The key is simple -> re-write in JavaScript


Looks dope man :heart_eyes:


There’s a new weapon. If it’s updated to version 2.6.7, will it appear?%E6%97%A0%E6%A0%87%E9%A2%98


well it is the end of the week


It’s also a few days until Christmas. Give the guy a break :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A mi no me funciona


Aye got something new for you guys, 3 days ago I starded to re-write WU completly, in JS, HTML and CSS. With @Battlesquid’s support this could be done very fast, however, I’m currently having connection issues, so I can not set up the link.

This means I will not work in the Flash version, since swf is obsolete and Web Dev is way easier to do in general.

Bad news about it:
Images are now extended as PNG, which loses quality while zoom-ing in or out, unlike SWF.
Colors may not be a thing anymore, since SM uses Blending Modes, which seems to don’t be supported by all browsers when done with JS.

Good news:

  • Workshop Unlimited will finally be mobile compatible! (Flash not required, also meaning it will last way longer than Flash, which dies in 2020)

  • It will not make your CPU noisy anymore (Uses a critically smaller amount of RAM to run. It’s more Computer-Friendly!)

  • It can be “hacked” using the browser Dev-Tool! (means you will be able to equip a Leg in your Drone slot, for example. I will be disponibilizing some code lines for some fun.)

After all, it will be a good change.

I genuinously hope everyone like the upcoming version.



Perhaps you may want to look into using SVG, since it’s scalable.

I think SVG can handle blending, I’ll look into that more.


I did a try on SVG, it usually get some glitches like transparent shapes, so I rather go for PNG, unless I can get a solve for this kind of issue


Can you vectorize the images?


SVG is the only viable vector image type for this, but yet it’s glitchy


Why not try BMP? Or something else?


Nah I’m definitely using mp3 images


JavaScript WU Beta: https://killin-sm.github.io/wu/

feedback appreciated


It works, but the items have a little delay when uploading to show all the items…might be my Computer but I don’t know


All of the names are dynamite boots.


Overall, I like the look so far better than the other one. There was also no lag, which I have gotten many times before. Things are a bit more blurry than normal, though.

@KilliN a friend of mine asked to send you this feedback about java WU (the guy with orange meme)


Looks nice, but a bit more blurry than the other version…Btw why the names of the items don’t appear yet?