♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


More than an armor dissolver, which is fucking useless, @KilliN could add, if he has time, a repulser, as it is the item players use the most in terms of pushing 3 spaces all at once, apart from hammers.

It is also a lot of work for him, so yeah, better let him work at his own pace as, in the end, this is a free thing


Armor Dissolver is the premium (and uselesser) premium counterpart of Repulser…

They’re exactly the same, save for damage and heat cost ^^


Not that, I’m serious. If I wouldn’t die or become sick from it then I would definitely swallow some (for the taste of it)

opened #562


Yay! @Xzyckon saved this thread!




Ooh, that seems to be a good format.


The build I want, I only need 1 bunker shell(but I have looking for it in 6 months still didn’t find) T_T




Ey better but not my dream mech
Still need bunker shell T_T


that is good,We hope it will arrive early.


@KilliN I don’t see that anyone else has mentioned it on this thread, so if you’re already aware of this sorry :slight_smile:
The Savior Resistance module (Epic) is currently posting the same stats as the Maximum Protector module (Mythical).


I’m aware of this, please guys, if you want to report something, do that in PM


I honestly spend more time on WU than on SM lmao…


Lol, glad to hear, because I spend more time working on it than actually using or playing sm


That looks great!





I don’t know, but this week for sure


oh boy the body seems unclear

i think they’re on to me


Full caps makes it “unclear”