♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


Stop it with the tiring questions, please…


You don’t know how to use a shotgun, simple.


that build… there isnt enough energy regen


the void would work.


Put one rolling beasts for more hp and take one plate out, and add one max protector instead, it will free weight so you can equip better.
The res might go down a bit, but you will have more space for weapons.


Why can’t i play workshop unlimited on ipad?? MAKE IT FOR IPAD TOO I’M MISSING ALL THE FUN :frowning:




Make you sure if it was easy like that I would be using it in your iPad already

Search on google “how to run flash games on iPad” BAM! problem solved

Even though Apple stuff have zero support for flash


Reckoning is very good.


If I remember good, it has a choke taste…

you know, the “death by suffocation” taste ^^


Stop putting words that i didn’t said it okay?


No, you both stop.

I want him to stop framing people like that (for his amusement, do that in spam topics please).

And I want you to stop being very harsh and just flag them for being Off-Topic. But, after all… This is the internet, isn’t it?


Anyone want to change the forum topic title lol

it seems to be a bit, well, outdated! :slight_smile:


es lo mismo o estoy loco?


One is epic the other not, i think Killin made some mistake…


@KilliN the stats of the torsos are bugged… just happened today…


I’m aware, thanks!


hello!@ KilliN
I think You can list items that aren’t mythical (such as a page, mythical level on page 5, legendary level on page 4, and so on) so that you can display their data on your Flash, even though it can’t go up to mythical level, or legendary level, but for beginners Some of the equipment wasn’t available so quickly, so she needed to know first what combination of armors he was suited for before the mythical level of equipment (It’s like putting epic blood chips with mythical blood chips, probably because mythical blood chips aren’t easy to get.) so I made this suggestion, hoping to adopt it.
And then I think your new version of the equipment is a little bit aligned… It’s a bit messy. You can arrange it in the order of physics, fire and electricity, as you did in previous versions.
Then, there’s another problem we all have: sometimes the picture is too big to block the data, and the resistance of the attribute data arrangement problem.(It was discovered that mythical omnipotent antibody has the same properties as epic omnipotent antibody?)
Finally, I think the new interface is a little rough compared with the old one. I hope it can be improved.
Thank you.


U do understand that its a lot of work? This tool’s purpose is to help people to build mechs they want(mechs stats, weight), adding items aside from mythicals(except essential ones like plates and res mods) is pretty much useless imo, since everyone is going for full myth mechs.

I don’t think we need “element filter” or additional tabs, not yet at least, it’s easier (imo) to see all weps and so on on one page.

Yes there are few bugs here and there, but i am sure Killin will deal with them.


I found another bug. There was no armor dissolver weapon.