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Seen someone with this build.

It actually works pretty damn well.


the supreme energy mech

he have 1 weakness that is

  • heat mechs

and have so much good points like your opponent is drained the energy in the first rounds and is A N N I H I L A T E D soon


It has so many weaknesses buddy

  • Low health
  • Low Resistance
  • Lack in range


the worst mech for battle in arena and the lighest mech in the game with only mythicals also the one with the most resistance drain 180 from armor annihilator and 190+ from the greedy except when comes a energy and heat mech


thanks @KilliN for that 3 extra weakness


I’m not the best energy mech builder but I can tell this one does way better


but in theory that energy mech is good but is not

k this good but that energy mech that i showed up is good only against physical mechs but the rest is not good


Actually no, physical mechs with some extra energy or using energy-free weapons can kill that pretty fast, as mentioned before, the HP is too low…


Here is an ok mech



New link, have fun.


Here’s another good energy mech.

Railgun and energy hook equipped.


Open development link:


Advantage: New features comes here first (for testing obvs)
Disadvantage: :bug::bug::bug::bug::bug:

Feedback is highly needed.

If you found a bug please PRIVATE MESSAGE me it.


Reckoning always seemed terrible, the Hammer paired with HeronMark is better (Or HeronMark by itself)


@KilliN bring back The Elephant’s Foot, so I can pair it with Defense Matrix :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re going to eat those words when you come UP here.

By the way, Heron + Hammer is heavy for that build, but…


What did I ever do to you?


I have my preferences


It doesn’t work. Please fix it.


Good thing you know.



I’m serious now, stop this nonsense. Thank you.