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Something like this.

@Kn0Tn0YT dont forget the resist… very important aspect, even if it is just epic.




Nice build. Here, try this:

Weak to energies, but otherwise not bad. Sub the energy protector for something else if you want.


Reminds me of my current heat, it works good against phys and heat, and win decently some electrics


would this actually work?


Work -> Yes
Be efficient -> No


only vs some heaters…
The drone is really bad against energy mechs… 2 shots and you are draine. Then all it takes is 1 shot and energy drone and you remain drained.
And the lack of protector makes it easy for phis.


Brutality isn’t the best torso to make heat mechs.

Or this and you can put a repulser in the free 18kg

Maximum protector works too, in both

I don’t feel confortable recomending this build because I don’t know how to use it, but works


this one is used:

with repulser.
some may say it is a finley tuned build… while others say that is only the platplats that make this build.

PS: @KilliN using it is pretty much roll/jump into range of desolation when drained by energy, while tanking dmg. Vs heat/phis… use abomination to setup range into desso teritory…tank dmg and dish dmg. Not really that hard. Ocasionaly use repulser to setup the desso range.

PS2: both builds are easy for huggers, specialy energy huggers.


im not the greatest when it comes to builds, but I think this could work… Hot flash could replace the cannons


Hey could we maybe make the sandbox playable/available for ipad or iphone? It doesn’t work on my ipad… and it looks really cool


Considering it generates more heat on itself than heat mechs, and has 4.5 resistance drain per turn

I wouldn’t run this


w h y i s c o r u p t o n t h i s i f i t s a r e s d r a i n e r


Maybe because once your 2 VR shots and 2 Basalt Dissolvers shots are thrown, you better rely on more than only your drone to overheat and deal damage to the opponent…

specially if saied drone is energy-dependant, when facing energies with those low energy stats…


i think dual shotguns and dual burning shower will be better than just having corupt as damage any player with atleast 2000+ hp can tank.
but i think mods will be a problem…


Just do this.


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Why dem energy modules