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Since I’m no expert in judging and in analyzing stuff…

@El_Metre sorry about that But just want to know your opinion.


On what matter, mate?
On builds in general? or on specific builds, heat/energy/phis?


No, just on what mcg improved about that build.


i would go for something like this.


I only asked for your opinion on mcg’s mech build but you just took it into making a better one.


i made that build to drain resistance.


I have all the items that are here. the Desolation, Sorrow, everything.
Just imagine the resistance module is epic tier (Along with the other premium mods and utilities).

I’m wonder if this build could work.


theres epic resist modules now. on the simulator



Remove 1 Cooling Booster and replace an another one with a Heat Engine.


not enough room… look at the weight.


Not enough room.
But I could replace the HeatPoint with the Clash to make some room for the heat module.


i would balance it a bit like this:

You don’t really need charge IMHO.

Or if you have another sorrow:


what did i just say… smh




This is the worst mech I ever built I think.


Looks good.
Go for another heat engine, and scorghed feet, for a bit more hp, if you want.
Or put a teleport 11kg on it(that you alredy have).


This might be better.



I think the Backstabber isn’t necessary since your firepower is at 3-6 range anyway.
The Mercy is just there to push the opponent into the Spartan’s range.

So imagine you pushed your opponent into range 3, only to have the drone pull it back into range 2.
That’ll be annoying lol.


Well should I change it to short ranger than :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe Solar Torch.
Because that also does a lot of damage, and is at the same firing range as Spartan.

Also, I like the design of Solar Torch.
Awesome work to whoever designed it.