♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


The Defense mech :smiley:


The masks of Blizzard Dissolver, Armor Annihilator, Chaos Bringer are missing.

Also, you forgot to add Basalt Dissolver, heat version of the Dissolvers. Find the stats at Maxed Lists.


I feel like KilliN is more busy than usual after this update.

  • Implemented @SeanChoi1870’s drone hovering idea.
  • Fixed some item masks which caused the items to don’t have color.
  • Fixed the item names in the selecting tab.

Still have to deal with weird item sizes in the Item Summary, but now I’m gonna sleep.

Bugs? Ideas? Feel free to contact me.

Have fun mates.


(Kongregate version tends to don’t work when I update, blame the site.)
(I forgot to implement the epic modules, I’ll be adding them in the next minutes before I sleep.)


If I may ask, why did you remove the Fan-Made torsos?


I made a new “Item Database” and was too lazy to add the fan-made items instatly, just put some for testing.



And if you are planning to add them back, please add 1 last thing from me…

… N-HELL-V, but don’t make it color black still lmao


did you list the stats for N-HELL-V?



N-HELL-V(L)   (372)  1476 HP  124/31 Energy  350/150 Heat  Resists - 5P/44Ex/5El


No. Too OP. Most health and heat? Have you heard of energy free builds? The weight doesn’t change much.


Do you know why there aren’t versions against heat of Platinum Vests?

Put a heat resistance module in this torso and It’s umbeatable against any existing explosive build.

But it’s actually fine for wu


I know that, but Ghost torso was there back then so whatever.


Bah, This empties my mind.

N-HELL-V(L).  (378) 1666 HP.  193/63 Energy.  322/130 Heat. Resists - 22P/44Ex/22El


That’s even more OP. So much health and heat and resistance.


missing skins for the armor annihilators and stuff



He’s trying to get a fix in.


Anyone have image of sabertooth?


KilliN,you forgot to add the Charged Walkers.


KilliN, you forgot to exist!


I will add the missing masks of that items, add bassalt dissolver and charged walkers today