♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


same here thats why some times my posts dont make sense


Small update:

Now WU saves your last mech and paint, and soon you will also be able to save more mechs.


Data is lost if you clear cookies.


cool thanks buddy



If possible, in the future when you have spare time, think it would be possible to add the epic Savior Module for those of us (F2P) who don’t have the Maximum Protector?


And also epic physical protector, energy protector, heat protector, etc.


Flash of my torso Gavalent when?


Read the thread @_@.


It was me being silly, I saw mine in his little video somewhere.
calm down battle squiddy


i found a bug

im sure thats not the name of that item lol


Read the previous comments. It’s been commented on multiple times already.


okay but this hasn’t


… what hasn’t? You have special items and fan made items enabled is all I see.


Vandal Rage’s mask seems to be missing, just like Sweetie and Chaos Bringer’s. I’ll fix it and add the epic modules when I’m at pc.


There are 2 heat legs (Scorching feet)
Charged Walker isn’t there


I like the * New * look of the WU


When did u back?


he got back about eh 5 day ago hey @KilliN when did you get back
and @2ab i thought you were watching anime you lied to me now you going to pay


Umm I done…


oh really that was short


any ways back to the topic