♦ - Workshop Unlimited (OPEN BETA TEST)


In the same way SM does, lol…


Kind of done it already, most stuff already works but has some bugs

Done it like 1 month ago, only 8 counting with me have the link though.


ya esta disponible? esa bercion




joder :frowning: yo pense que si


ill take that link, thank you lmao


I’m actually lookong for 2 more testers, btw, do you have discord?


the resistance drain god

the heat capacity drain god if you think is enough well you are wrong now it are the damage god


I like testing :smiley:

And I’m in your sprite discord.


If you need any help, just pm me @KilliN .


@magicmech20 and @MCG_567_YT, Both are in the discord WUTesters Group, @DuduSantos, can I have your name and tag?


Discord name and tag? sure, its DuduSantos#7056


you already have mine. were friends on discord.


Did you just post it after I said you’re alraedy in the group


uh i think???


@KilliN pls update the SM workshop unlimited,damage of weapons if you want now pls add hybrid cannon


Right now he’s busy with another good feature, but in due time all new weapons will be added :slight_smile:


very nice mate :smiley: keep it up


What happened to Killin? someone know?


Banned 'til a day I forgot…check on his profile