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And the Frantic Flame’s Heat damage?

Any suggestions , currently works good against Energy and Physical mechs (with no annihilation/Mercy). But super weak against Heat.

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Try changing the torso and modules too. I would never use that setup.

resistance needed.
remove blizard disolver.
add some hp plates.
replace a heat mod with a cooling booster.
you are using it to counter energy and phys.

that thing fighting a valiant sniper energy or a good phys mech is like using a feather to break a brick.

also damage heater is the prominent type of heat mechs so you dont really need that much heat cap. there is nothing to lower your cap. stack on cooling boosters or else burning shower mechs will eat that thing up.

i know you said that its a phys and energy counter, but what if you run into peeps that use 2 or 3 heat mechs?

you could change your legs to lighing supporters or sparked runners but i guess the ones you are using work too.


Chaos bringer’s stats is wrong. @KilliN

This is the right one.

Ahahaheheheh, what is that kind of mistake?

How good is this mech for using in portals??

Depend on the portal.

I like more purple, the other color seems like common.


Looks like @killin is not working on Wu now.

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Its decent, although this isnt a topic for build help

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2 new weapon’s deta

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This is my goal
at least full legendary will do… i also have most of these parts ( I’m using Twisted Flux and i don’t have all those L-M modules )

you’re actually right, blue always feels like the place holder color, like when we don’t know which color to use so just make things blue

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Frantic Brute, Frantic Flame, and Red Rain’s resist drain is missing.

dude i realize

but I’m not working on this thing

I said it before lol.

Btw why.

I mean… its just res damage. Nobody actually look at res damage in WU

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