♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5


I… don’t see a difference. I do see that the new black looks cleaner, but it looks the same overall.


Because it’s just a color man, what did you expect?


Your Killin it

Ba dum tsh…I’ll stop…


I cant find the download link for this… i really want it XD


You see the blue Cromo Black is Back ?..click that


the ultimate resist draining mech!

also could be an anti energy because these weapons dont require energy other than the swoop


Change Heat Storage Unit for Cooling Mass Booster, then you can replace Swoop.




An idea that may be liked my a lot of people. What if you implement a button or slots that Save the builds you create. You can have a maximum amount of builds allowed to be saved and etc. You may have to make the website be able to locally save those builds for each user which I doubt you have coded in since it probably sends the exact file for any browser opening


Only if there was a server behind it, but there isn’t.

Cache-based would work, but that’s not what i’m focusing rn.


New version mates.

Custom color implemented.

Both links are updated.

Extra features button also allows to use more than one resistance module.


I give you BIGFOOT!



Sphinx is now a reality!


Wait, what are these stats though?

They aren’t the things I suggested… Well, the Resistances aren’t that is.


I wish these colours were actually in the game…


Didn’t found the stats you requested, tried talking with you in discord. Send it to me and i’ll fix later. Now i’m going to bed.

It works very well though…

I love it in this color.


It was in the Custom Sprites topic.

But, this works either way, so I love it!


Imagine this mech in game…especially the colour…


This mech would barely even do any damage.


I know but still…the exact 1000kg, the colour, the weapons even on both sides…

I could energy break them and doesn’t the energy drain go to damage damage if the opponent ifs completely drained?