♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5


As I can see, you bring this idea to community, not community gave it to you, meaning, that
You will have much more work to do :exclamation:
This also means you are likely to be hard-working :exclamation:
Keep it up, but don’t forget about yourself :wink:


MEDALS :exclamation:


hows this? :joy:


Can confirm that Workshop Unlimited works with Puffin Browser on Mobile (so long as the website hosts the SWF)


Easiest way is to test.

Your mobile will need Flash for it.


It’s how I got those screenshots lol



Swap Nemo for Murmur…

You’ll gain with this exchange ^^


well yeah. if i had the murmur xD


I see the hitboxes of the items are gone with the last version, i’ll be fixing it soon.


ohhhhh make an app for android.


hey killin. just a design idea. have like the weapon glow pulse kinda. and the glow on the body parts and such. just curious if you could add this because it would be so op


Would have to manualy edit every single sprite, that’s not on my plans in a near future…


But for these sprites, people don’t usually make the stats, so this would be us just looking at those items, correct?


I’ve implemented two fa-made sprites already, one by me and other by maxy. We made some stats just to don’t make it blank, not really something impressive.


2?..I can only find one…


Legs by me, torso by @Maxy.


oh…hehe…I just found it too…lol


well it was worth a shot. would look op tho.


where tho??? where did you find it??