♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5


Pretty rough, but simple:

leftLeg.x = torso.mcLeg2.x + torso.x - leftLeg.mcTorso.x
leftLeg.y = torso.mcLeg2.y + torso.y - leftLeg.mcTorso.y

That means the X coordinates of the leg will be the result of the X coords of the leg joint in the torso, plus the X coords of the torso related to the whole stage, minus the X coords of the torso joint in the leg.

Same thing to the Y.

It’s actually easier than it sounds to be…


The shotguns looks weird, just make them move every 10 seconds or so.


Oh yeah, can someone judge this Anti-Heat/Phys? @lordgorgon?


What do you mean about the shotguns? Do they move, are they offset, or do you want them to move?


Not very good. No need for two mercies. Just put on a spartan, or a nightfall. Or maybe a seraph.


Why don’t you acess it and see yourself


Nah it is good

If you want to deal huge damage do this


The range doesnt work. Trust


i t
d o e s
f r i c k
y o u

But seriously it does.


No it doesn’t Lol



But it dont


But who’s build is this?



GitHub link out now.




@KilliN I just wanted to say I think you did an amazing job on this as usual


Thanks a lot @KilliN, beautiful work. Excellent.


I’ll add my praise to the chorus! This is amazing, I just used it to make a preview of my modified line-up.
Very useful.


Thanks @Killin…this is really helpful…



What you guys think about a feature to use fan-made items?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


There is nothing against, especially as it’s your own simulator, only possible difficulty(ies) I see is giving right stats to items (if you even bother doing that) and eventually obtaining the rights to other’s sprites :upside_down_face:


This being a suggestion, which personally I love, but since i’m focusing in another thing for this simulator I made the pool, so if the most vote yes, i’ll focus on implementing this feature.