♦ - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5


Is this item going to be added or what?

Also,why so heavy?
I get it.It does cooling and res damage,is energy-free amd also deals a lot of explosive and heat damage…But why 80?



The KG is not a problem, it’s overpowered as hell.



I am not using this Workshop, because I can do all at the in-game workshop (cos I have all multiply times), but I did not get the point of the quote :interrobang:

Please explain, I want to learn something :exclamation:


P.S.: tacticsoft should give you 50000 token or even more for that “work” / Workshop or all who use it should send you 100 tokens for using it - great work, well done :exclamation:



Which quote are you talking about?

If you’re talking about this, I think he meant that the legs slot could be like this:
Instead of having only one leg.

I’m not doing that, because it’s not like that in the game…


I dream this mech, if only i had platinum plating.
Best counter for energy and…with my shield could counter phys as well


Can someone make this EXACT mech here?

I want to see how it handles in Arena and stuff.


@lordgorgon Can you test this one out?


Tactics are, stay as close as possible to your Enemies, and when too far away use Reckless then move in.


That is why I dont get it, never thought about that, but yes you are right, not really needed, special if you add the 2nd point, the mech preview :exclamation:

Thanks for telling me, what I didn’t get :exclamation:


And yes, that item, new weapon will make Heat OP with 3 Magma Blasts and 2 pulls :exclamation:



With dual seraph youll heat yourself up in ni time. I tried something like that vs the first titan… veryyyyyy bad


I don’t get the addiction of those guys to have +1000 energy capacity, when you can counter any electric by having 700 and a decent regen…



Any … seems you play a different game (or you talk only about lower ranks) :exclamation:


Oh … or you mean Energy vs Energy, thats a different story and about that you are correct :wink:


This is what I meant


I was using Reckless…and frankly, a Desert Furry would better overall considering your HP…
almost 4000HP can make the resistance drain worth, and it would free up a few Kgs :smiley_cat:

But like Gorgon saied, you’ll overheat yourself…

Add a Furry, ditch a plate if you don’t have enough weight for an engine, add a heat engine, you’re better equipped to go :smiley_cat:
Even ~3600HP make the res drain worth :smile_cat:


Small update.

Stats for some items are fixed, together with Arena Buff button not updating the mech summary.



Workshop Unlimited 2.5


@KilliN the shotguns move
and the only last request is paint options.


Nicely done. How did you solve the problem?


I didn’t know shotguns had a mind of their own


look at it for yourself